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Community Agency for Social Enquiry

Statement by the Board of the Community Agency for Social Enquiry

It is with great sadness that the Board of the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (C A S E) is announcing that after consultations with staff, it ceased its operations as of the 15thMay 2015. The Board and the institution have not dissolved and are engaged in a process of deciding what the future of the organisation should be since the closure of its operations in the form that they were in.  This has happened despite and several attempts to turn a poor financial situation around that the organisation found itself in.

In its twenty seven year history C A S E was able to adapt and implement various sustainability strategies that it developed from initially being donor funded to its later years where it almost solely relied on generating fees by providing research services to the Public and Development Sector.  During this period C A S E continued to research and document the conditions under which poor black people lived and worked and their organised struggles. A brief history and the projects worked on can be found on its website.

C A S E would like to thank all those who supported the organisation especially the citizens of South Africa who gave freely of their time to engage with the research that the organisation conducted mainly around poverty, inequality and unemployment. We wish to also thank those that funded and commissioned the work and all past Board members .  C A S E is proud to be associated with the numerous examples of progressive public policy interventions that were supported by its research and the numerous individualsthat worked at C A S E, many of whom now occupy leadership positions in South Africa.


For more information you may contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0711255955.


Issued by the Board of Directors